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Adebiyi Adebayo is the managing director of B.Y Consult System Solution, which specialises in bulk SMS, ICT engineering and other activities. In this encounter with our Correspondent, Olamide Bakare, he reveals his journey into entrepreneurship and why he has chosen to tread the information technology path

Adebiyi Adebayo

Adebiyi Adebayo

If there is anything worth mentioning about the spirit of an average Nigerian youth, it is the fact that they demonstrate strong will, grit and determination to succeed amid difficult situations. Such attribute describes the amiable Adebayo Oluwafemi, who calls the shot at B.Y Consults Systems Solution

For a business, which started in 2006, it couldn’t have been more challenging, considering that it came when the owner was combining such responsibility with his academics.

However, he could be described as a man with the spirit of industry, which became evident when our correspondent met him.

While discussing his journey into the world of business, he revealed what eventually led him to set up B.Y Consult System Solution.

He said: “The idea came to my mind in the year 2006 when I gained admission into the university and I saw the challenge of reaching the large number of students in Christian fellowships and other associations on campus then. It came to fruition during my final year in 2010 i.e, after four years. Then I signed a franchise agreement with SMS CLONE who has been in the business before I started. I carried the passion to my national youth service where I invested most of my allowance to expand it and I got a personal business website which I saw as crucial to the business for me to register customer accounts.

Adebayo listed his services to include ICT engineering utilities, and electronic online and offline library consultancy among others.

In life, we are motivated by circumstances. For Adebayo, there must have been a factor that motivated him to take that route. When confronted with the question, he said it was borne out of passion to see out what he had long desired.

He said: “I was driven by curiosity. During my undergraduate days, I was always interested in learning everything about ICT. If there was one reason I found this necessary, it was the need to use it to meet the urgent needs of daily human activities. Besides, I also wanted to create a source of income from the use of ICT and Internet facilities available. That is by creating a platform through which people can be sending short messages at a very cheap rate compared to what is obtainable from mobile telecommunication SMS tariff plan.”

On the value of business at the moment and where it started, Adebayo said it has grown tremendously in worth but was reluctant to state the actual worth.

He said: “The business has witnessed tremendous growth over the last few years. We are hoping that things will continue in the same trend.  I will say we have gone high up in value. I don’t want to disclose the worth of the business now but I think things are on the positive side for us.

No business, they say, survives without any challenge. In Adebayo’s case, there have been challenges, but over time, he has overcome them.

On the challenges, Adebayo disclosed that beside Internet connectivity and finance problems, he has had little or no challenge in growing the business, saying; “The major challenge I have had over the years had been bad Internet service signal which varies from regions and locations. Another thing that has been of great worry, for me, is the financial wherewithal to spread the message through various advertising platforms.”

Talking about the gains and where he hopes the business would be in a few years, he said he foresees a brighter future, adding; “I am hoping that in future, I would have my imprints in different localities, as it would have spread to all the nooks and crannies of Nigeria. By the grace of God, I hope the organisation will help in answering various needs.”

Asked if he has ever regretted choosing entrepreneurship in place of white-collar job, he said he was satisfied.

According to him, “It is never a wrong decision venturing into the business. For me, it has been quite fulfilling; it has been a win-win situation. On the one hand I am meeting my customers’ needs and on other hand, I make some little income to attend to my basic needs.

Although, there have been times I feel like quitting, I have always held the belief that great business survives in midst of challenges. So, whenever my decision fails, I don’t give up. I take it as part of the learning process and improve for better results.”

Source : Independent

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