Techno Oil, NATA partner to boost lubricants utilisation

Indigenous oil firm, Techno Oil Limited has commenced the export of lubricants to the West Africa market, according to its executive vice chairman, Mrs. Nkechi Obi.

This comes even as the company said it has entered into a partnership with the Nigerian Automobile Technicians Association (NATA) to boost the utilisation of the lubricants in Nigeria.

The partnership with NATA became necessary to check the importation and utilisation of adulterated and low quality engine oils which experts insist is a major contributor to the low life span of cars driven by Nigerians.

“Our range of lubricants is currently doing very well and we have started exporting to West Africa. We are selling in Ghana right now and our joy is that exporting outside the country has assisted Nigeria to earn foreign exchange and to grow the economy,” Obi said at an event held in Lagos to announce the re-formulation of the Ultra 20W 50 lubricants manufactured by the company.

She said the re-formulated or harmonized lubricant was so uniquely blended that it could now be used for dual purposes, both by diesel and petrol engines without any harm to such engines.

“Ultra 20W50 lubricant has specifically undergone strenuous screening and testing locally and internationally in the past 24 months to make it attain its current high standard,” she said.

Managing Director of the company, Mr. Tony Onyeama who spoke at the event said the partnership with NATA would provide a platform to ensure that Nigerians got maximum benefit from the re-formulated lubricant.

According to Onyeama, the company’s range of lubricants had often been re-formulated to make them market-friendly in quality and pricing.

He said the unveiling of the product would be co-hosted with NATA at the Ilasamaja Mechanic Village on the Oshodi-Apapa expressway in Lagos.

Chairman of the Lagos Chapter of NATA, Mr. Jacob Fayeun who also spoke expressed the regret that the government was not doing enough to protect indigenous lubricant manufacturers from the challenges arising from the importation of low quality engine oils from Asian countries into Nigeria.

“Low quality engine oils have continued to remain the major reason for the low performance of many motor engines and even the subsequent breakdown of most vehicles in Nigeria,” Fayeun said while also announcing that more than 1,000 mechanics drawn from all parts of the country will attend the re-launch of the lubricant in Ilasamaja Mechanic village in Lagos on Thursday, October 30.









Source : SunOnline

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