Smile to create over 400 specialised jobs in 2014

• Takes 4G LTE broadband to Abuja

The introduction of Smile 4G LTE broadband internet in Nigeria by Smile Nigeria will create more than 400 highly specialised Nigerian jobs during 2014 alone, with more to follow as Smile expands its network throughout the country.

Smile Group’s Chief Operating Officer, Tom Allen stated this recently, while speaking on the company’s commercial launch in Abuja.

According to him, the introduction of Smile 4G LTE broadband internet in Nigeria represents a considerable investment, and reflects Smile’s confidence in the nation’s economy as well as its commitment to the country’s development.

He noted that the company’s vision of becoming the broadband internet provider of choice in Nigeria has guided them in everything from selecting our people and partners to developing relevant products and services.

He stressed that they are confident and excited, and we are ready to share the promise of digital citizenship with Abuja residents and millions of Nigerians.

The Abuja roll-out follows more than three years of extensive testing and development. It is also coming barely months after the Lagos launch and  one year after Smile’s 2013 commercial launch in Ibadan.

With the launch, Abuja residents are expected to benefit from the 4G LTE which is the most recent and advanced technological standard for wireless data communications, and represents a major shift when compared to older technologies such as 3G and others.

Allen noted that the capital city of Nigeria, Abuja is very strategic in the company’s growth, and Smile has taken its time to ensure the service is at its best in the capital city.

Also, he noted that Smile’s customers are already experiencing global standard speed and quality: “Our customers will experience average speeds in excess of 6Mbps, and some customers are already running at average speeds in excess of 20Mbps, which is substantially faster than the speed that can be achieved in other parts of the world, including the United Kingdom”.

He said that Abuja residents are expected to benefit from a raft of several new innovations in its offerings from day one.  Allen noted that key to Smile’s vision is creating a memorable experience for the customer.  Some of these innovations include a customer’s ability to select the speed of his preferred Smile service from his My Smile portal. A strange thing no doubt for a company that sells data, but Smile’s approach is to help customers use the internet efficiently and effectively.

Also, Allen stated that some of these fantastic new innovations are unprecedented as they are not available from any other operator in the country.

Source : Independent

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