People think I’m a talkative, but I use it positively –Tihasana, Botswana OAP

Tihasana Botswana OAP


My name is Nketso Gagona Ti­hasana. I’m what Nigerians like to describe as on-air-per­sonality OAP). I have been presenting programmes for nine years: four years on radio and five years on television. I must confess that it has been an ex­citing ride, a good training ground for sharpening my peoples’ skills. I can say that I have developed a deep relation­ship with my listeners.

My TV programme runs from 6-to- 8 am every week day, while the radio programme, which is a morning life­style show runs from 9am to noon, that is, midday. Let me also say that we have only one television station in Botswana.

As a career woman who is also a wife and mother, life I must confess has been challenging. I guess that is to be expected. For me there are times I will to wake up by 5:00am in the morning and stay awake till night. It is always tough getting quality time with my family. There was a time I was always reading news on Radio/TV, as well as having other programmes. Do­ing all those shows affected me and my family. But I am very grateful to my mentor, who was very helpful. She understood my dream and aspi­ration. One day she sat me down and gave me a lecture on how to go about this job. She asked me, “Are you sure you’re not taking on too much? When do you have time for your family?”

There was a time I realized that my family life was slacking, because I didn’t have time for my family. It is a challenge that career women struggle with, because the home is most times neglected. The society generally be­lieves that the home is the woman’s place more than the man. A man can spend a lot of time away from home, but for the woman it is not so.

Balancing the gap has been very, very challenging. But today, I can say that I have grown. I know that family comes first and I don’t want to abuse myself such that I won’t have time for my family. So it’s been a learning curve.

Interestingly, my husband has been very supportive. Fortunately for me, I married somebody from the same in­dustry, so when am out on an event, he joins me at times and at the same time he understands even when he’s not out there with me and he’s sleep­ing, he’s doing it peacefully, because he knows exactly where I am, knows the nature of my job and that am do­ing my job, so that has really helped.

For a very long time, even before I went into the performing arts, I had always been passionate about it. I had a particular passion for radio and television, where I wanted to be either a presenter or director. So this led me into Communication and Media Stud­ies at Monase University, South Africa for three years before I got my degree.

For one year after graduation, I was unemployed, but later I applied for a job at the Department of Broadcast­ing, in the commercial wing of public broadcasting, which is where I start­ed my broadcasting career on radio in 2006, and where I have been till date. But I have never been satisfied with the little I know. I have always been inquisitive to learn. So I decid­ed to explore the television world as presenter. So anytime an audition was going on, I got interested, and tried my hands on news-casting. That was how my involvement with television started.

Source : SunOnline

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