Passion Drove Me Into Fashion Businesss –Motirola

Motirola Faleye is the chief driver of a fashion outfit named Morola Moroge, a business concern that has taken a life of its own boasting different class of clientele. In this interview, she tells Olamide Bakare about the business and her aspiration for the business moving forward.

Morola Moroge fashion house may not be a household name as far the fashion world is concerned but its imprints in the last couple of years has shown that it is one of the fashion houses with a promise. Looking through the array of customers that besieged the fashion house, no one needs to be told that the amiable young lady that superintends over the fashion outfit has done a lot for herself. Talk of the quality, the precision and style of fabrics that adorn every corner in the shop, you won’t but agree less that she knows her onion. During an encounter with this reporter, Motirola, as she is fondly called, talked about her foray into fashion and the magic wand that has kept her going.



Hear her” I have always loved to be a fashion designer. It has always been part of me. I remembered that during my teenage years, I had developed great interest in fashion. Each time I see someone passing by, I took time to pass comment .From then on, it grew. Even though I never knew I was going to end up being a fashion designer, I took special interest in looking good. By so doing, most of what I get from my parents were purely invested on dresses. At a time, people thought I was becoming too much obsessed about clothes or wears. All my savings were mainly spent on looking good. I have to state that I love to look good and wear new cloth.”

“Few years down the line, I went back to complete my academic programme .Having discovered that Lagos offers the unique opportunity to learn new art or skills in whatever one chooses to embark upon, I opted to stay in Lagos for the Higher national Diploma as this would afford me the privilege to combine studies with the fashion training. I remember I used to tell my friend back then in school that I was going to employ them in my company. Even though, it has not started coming to reality, but I am optimistic that with time, it will”.

Commenting on how she eventually took the decision to get the basic trainings, Motirola noted that the desire to be self reliant spurred her to take some learnings.

She said” I can remember very well that there was this  fashion designer, a woman, living close to my house, who gave me the opportunity. That was where I started apprenticeship. She was the one who encouraged me by taking me through some basic skills. With time, I was able to learn. I recalled that I started putting those knowledge into practice by amending my clothes, that of my mother and a host of others. From then on, I was improving gradually. So, upon graduation, even though it was a hard decision, I made up my mind that I was not going to work for anyone. Having established that in my mind, I enrolled in a fashion school where I was trained for a number of years. I started that in 2003”.

For her, nothing counts other than self-belief. According to her, most businesses crash due to the fact that the pioneer has little or no confidence in themselves.

She says” Most people have failed in business because there is the lack of confidence and passion in what they do. For me, I think passion and the love for fashion has remained the propelling force that has held me back. I am always optimistic even in the midst of challenges”

Motirola who started the business during her undergraduate days said it has been a broad mix of success and difficulties

Asked to comment on her hope for the business in few years to come, Motirola said she is optimistic that the company will grow from strength to strength considering its approach and the ability to withstand initial hiccups.

She notes” I am optimistic that Morola moroge is going to become a big employer of labour and top five fashion house in Nigeria later in the future. But five years from now, I am hopeful that our work would have taken us further than what we envisaged”.

For Morola Moroge, it has been a mixed blessing of successes and challenges. Though she said the challenges may have left sour taste at the early stage, the success recorded in recent times is enough reason to believe that the  business has a future. Motirola as she is fondly called expressed great excitement at the turn of event since she started the business. She could not hide her joy as she delightedly state some of the achievements

She said“The business has witnessed a lot of ups and downs. But I am grateful that things are really stabilizing. As I speak, I have been opportuned to service a lot of clients both on the high and the low”.

“As a matter of fact, through this businesss, I have been able to foot many bills, shoulder responsibilities without any let or air within the short space”

Offering advice to other aspiring entrepreneurs, Motirola urged them to be determined in the pursuit of their goals noting that it is only this means success can be achieved.

She says” My advice is that you should persevere and be committed to the business you may be undertaking. Even if customers are not forthcoming now, be ready to endure without compromising quality in terms of delivery of services. Besides, once people can vouch for your integrity and the quality of services offered, it is a matter of time when calls will start coming from various quarters”.

Source : Independent

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