Nigeria, Tourism Hub Waiting To Be Discovered-NATOP Boss

By Abel Orukpe,  Lagos

The President of Nigerian Association of Tour Operators (NATOP), Nkereuwem Onung has stated that Nigeria is a destination waiting to be discovered both in tourism and in business.

He said this while speaking at the road show and workshop organised by South African Tourism (SAT) in Lagos.

The NATOP President assured that Nigeria has a lot of potential as it concerns leisure and entertainment, adding that the association was ready to partner SAT as it markets Nigeria tourism in South African and other markets

According to him, “I will like to say to you all that Nigeria is a destination waiting to be discovered not just as a business hub but as a tourism hub with diverse, rich and enduring leisure and entertainment packages for the people.”

He continued, “There are a lot to explore and experience in this country and let me assure you that as you look to marketing Nigeria in your market and around the world, you would find us (NATOP) a worthy partner because we have members and operators in all the service areas, from ground operators to tour guides, who would partner with you in giving your clients a memorable tour of Nigeria.”

The NATOP boss also assured SAT that despite the security challenges in the country, the safety and security of its clients would be adequately secured.

“The safety and security of your clients, your persons and businesses are guaranteed because Nigeria is safe despite the posts of security glitches and challenges that we are presently witnessing in about three states in the northern eastern part of the country,” he assured.

He told SAT that Nigeria, apart from being one of the safest countries in the world, is also a destination of peace and harmony that guarantees tourists, investors and others the most fulfilling experiences and quick returns on their investment.

Nigeria, he said, offers vast and rich tourist attractions that stretched into different variants of most captivating and appealing nature to the beholder, adding that the country’s most pervading and appealing attraction remains her unspoilt natural ambience, which was signposted by its unique landscape of differing dimensions.

Onung stated that tourists and travelers would better appreciate the potential and truism of the statement about Nigeria only by travelling through the length and breadth of the country.

To buttress his point, he mentioned the long stretch of the Atlantic sea, which according to him, was visible in some parts of Lagos.

Nigeria’s people and tradition, he stated were about the two most pervasive elements of the country’s tourism industry due essentially to its multi-pluralism and culturalism, adding that traditionally, Nigerians were known for their hospitality and warmth when it comes to treating visitors to their homes.

Source : Independent

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