Mouka Re-introduces Old Campaign

One of the leading manufacturers of household and industrial foam in Nigeria, Mouka Limited has re-introduced the ‘Mattress swap’ campaign to enable its numerous esteemed customers and patrons of other brands alike to exchange their old mattress for a new Mouka mattress at an incredible discount.

The campaign offer which kicks off last week and is expected to run for a period of one month will be available to customers in key states across the country.

According to the National Business Manager, Mouka Limited, Mr. Olufemi Asa, the initiative which was first introduced in 2013 is designed to further entrench the brands affinity with both customers and non-customers by helping them to renew sleep and comfort.

He said“ As the category thought leader in the foam industry in Nigeria and West Africa as a whole, we started the initiative to encourage customers to replace their old mattress by bringing their old mattress to get a new one thereby helping them to renew the unparalleled comfort offering of Mouka’’ .

Fapohunda explained that there is the need for customers to change their mattress after every 4 year which is the Average life span of a mattress but many customers are constrained with the burden of how to dispose the old mattresses hence, the Mouka offer.

He stated further that the initiative gives the customers the opportunity to own a new and comfortable mattress at a discounted price while also contributing to the environment by helping customers to dispose their old mattress which will be recycled.

Also speaking on the campaign, the Marketing Manager of the company, Mr. Olusegun Ajala noted that the offer is not limited to brand only as customers can trade in any brand of mattress for a new super comfort Mouka Mattress of their choice.

He explained that the old mattress would be weighed to ascertain the value and the customers will be given the discount, which would be deducted from the value of any Mouka products of choice.

Source : Independent

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