MAN raises alarm over growing depopulation of industries in Kano

The Kano State chapter of the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN) has raised alarm over what it called the worsening manufacturing environment in the state and environs, which, it said, is cumulating in closure of more industries.
The association stated that the prevailing situation is being exacerbated by the collapse of supporting infrastructure, especially the energy crisis, that has laid the state’s economy prostrate in the last one and half decade.
Safiyanu Baba, state chairman of the association, who made this observation during the annual general meeting (AGM) of the body, noted that the situation is being compounded by consistent problem of unsteady power supply.
According to him, the resurgence of artificial scarcity of petroleum products, in the recent time in the state, is also pushing more factories and other forms of businesses to the brink.
“These developments are further compounded by the high cost of doing business in Nigeria leading to lackluster performance of the manufacturing sector, dwindling industries capacity utilisation and low sales.
“It has become necessary to acknowledge efforts of the state government in progress made so far toward the realisation of the 35 megawatts hydro power plants, Tiga and Challawa Gorge dams.
“It is our conviction that the current privatisation of Kano Disco and the Nigeria energy sector will bring remarkable improvement in the supply to industries”, he explained.
Baba revealed that the association’s position to the government is on the need to create an enabling environment which would ensure sustainability of the private sector.
“Enabling environment in this refers to the steady supply of electricity, availability of petroleum products for industrial and commercial use, anti-smuggling policy, harmonisation of taxes and levies from all the MDAs, establishment of good road network within the industrial areas and security of lives and property.
“The manufacturing sector must play a vital role in moving the state economy forward. Kano is blessed with abundant human and natural resources, the opportunities and challenges that are available in the manufacturing of agro-allied products and minerals are vast and constitute areas of comparative advantage in the state.
“The land surface is large, rich and cultivable with vegetation capable of growing cash and food crops”, he added.

Source : BusinessDay

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