Large consignment of imported rice floods Lagos port



Large haulage of imported rice ostensibly meant for the yuletide celebration is still flooding to Lagos seaports, after the Christmas and new  year holidays.

Statistics from the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) indicate that the Lagos Ports Complex (LPC) alone is currently awaiting the arrival of three shiploads of the edible foods, which are variously listed for anchorage between Wednesday and Friday this week.

The three vessels with an unspecified tonnage of rice cargo are expected to commence discharge immediately on arrival, even as the various bulk cargo terminals at the port are still streaming with large quantities that arrived before and during the yuletide holidays.

Similarly, other edible items such as wheat and sugar are being expected for discharge at the LPC, during the period under review.

Specifically, a ship code-named, Desert Unity, was already on anchorage over the weekend, while two others, Desert Storm and Ocean Glory, are expected on anchorage-preparatory for discharge this week.

The port is also currently playing host to a giant vessel code-named Spring Hawk, laden with bulk sugar that has been discharging its contents since December 28, 2014 when it arrived.

Source : SunOnline

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