Jonathan inaugurates MSME Council

… Demands economic revitalisation

President Goodluck Jonathan yesterday inaugurated the National council on Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), headed by Vice President Namadi Sambo, with a charge for it to build an economy that works for all Nigerians.

He stated that with the in- auguration of the council, his administration was making MSME an integral part of na- tional policy by ensuring that all the 774 local government ar- eas in the country are covered.

The president said the coun- cil’s inauguration marked a turning point in the national economic development drive of his administration with re- gard to making MSMEs the core elements of Nigeria’s eco- nomic transformation.

According to him, “the cre- ation of this council is a testa- ment to the commitment of this administration to achieving all inclusive economic growth. Our commitment is to meet the aspirations of our people and in doing so ensure rapid eco- nomic development that would benefit all our citizens, North, South, East or West.

“Our focus will remain to build an economy that works for all Nigerians and the MSME Council that we are to inaugurate today is essential to achieving this goal. The growth of MSMEs is one that is very important in any nation that as- pires towards self-sufficiency.

Jonathan stated that, “MSMEs are the innovators, the wealth creators as well as the employment generators and that every MSME today has the potential of growing to the last corporation of tomor- row and that is why we are now backing the initiative with the creation of this council.’’

President Jonathan noted that over the past few years, the country had demonstrated its determination to the rest of the world that it was focused in becoming a world economic leader.

This, according to him, has been done through the achieve- ment, to a reasonable level, of macro-economic stability even in the face of global economic recession.

The president emphasised the need for critical economic issues of inclusion and wealth distribution to be urgently ad- dressed as the country builds a strong economy and attracts unprecedented investments.

“I repeat, we must ensure that this economy works for all of our people, that we indeed become a land of opportunities for all and a land where hopes become reality regardless of who you are, where you hail from or whatever belief you share.

“This our land must be where our youths have jobs and our people can take their economic destinies in their own hands.”

Source : SunOnline

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