ITUC expresses concern over Paris deal on climate change

The International Trade Union Confederation (I TUC) and Trade Union Congress of Nigeria (TUC) have expressed deep concern that the current lack of ambition, in particular before 2020, as well as the absence of any reference to the need for a just transition and Decent Work for workers when moving towards a low carbon economy put the prospects for labour’s support of the Paris deal in a difficult position.

The new Paris deal agreement will be adopted in 2015, at the Paris climate conference, and implemented from 2020, and it will take the form of a protocol, another legal instrument or ‘an agreed outcome with legal force’, and will be applicable to all Parties.

Speaking on how the labour movement is increasingly mobilising on climate change, Thierry Dedieu, from the French Democratic Confederation of Labour (CFDT) France, affiliated to I TUC stated that the deal is being negotiated through a process known as the Durban Platform for Enhanced Action.
He said “We are conscious that all jobs are at risk without more ambition on emission reductions, adaptation, finance and technology”
” This is why we have always supported the UN process”, he added.
In his reaction to the deal, the President, TUC,  Comrade Bobboi Bala Kaigama insisted that the Paris draft deal on climate change puts workers’ future at risk.
“Our concern is that the EU, a few other European countries and Australia have agreed to join a legally binding second period of the Kyoto Protocol which runs until 2020, while over 70 other countries – both developed and developing – have made different types of non-binding commitments to reduce, or limit the growth in their greenhouse gas emissions”.

He noted that the 2015 agreement that will have to bring together the current patchwork of binding and non-binding arrangements under the UN climate convention into a single comprehensive regime is a cause for concern for all labour movement.

“The lack of ambition on those fronts, added to the absence of references to the need for a just transition and decent work, where workers are supported in the process of transformation of the economy, has raised major concerns among  international trade union delegation in COP 20 in Lima,” he said.

Source : Independent

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