Infrastructure, SMEs financing to top agenda at capital market committee retreat

Issues relating to infrastructure and how best to finance Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Nigeria will top agenda at the forthcoming Capital Market Committee (CMC) retreat.

Ahead of the retreat slated for next week in Abuja, the organising committee said it is focused on strategies for converting the gains of Nigeria’s rebased GDP into wealth distribution through the capital market.

Oluwatoyin Sanni, chairman organising committee said they would also unveil the capital market master plan at the retreat, adding that they have resolved to explore opportunities that would sustain investors’ confidence and boost local participation in the market. “Infrastructure and SMEs play significant role in economic development”, the committee added.

“The theme of this year retreat is ‘Capital Market-Creating Wealth and Opportunity’. “We need to tie up the market and reach to people that are driving the transformation programme of the country because we are passionate about growing the market. Domestic investors’ confidence is paramount and we would continue to explore this area.

The percentage of the capital market to GDP is still very low and a lot still needs to be done and this is the opportunity to link capital market to wealth creation,” Sanni said.

Source : BusinessDay

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