I’ll never forget the day client rejected my cake –Adesola Onadipe, Training/Consulting and Event Planning expert



My name is Adesola Helen Onadipe, and I am into Busi­ness Training/Consulting and Events Planning. I have been doing my business for about 5years now. Initially, I was learning on the job, but thereafter I started attending business training and seminars which actually helped me get certified and equipped.

I was trained by different organi­zations and certified by LBS, EDC, Leap Africa, and I underwent other empowerment programs for entre­preneurs. The experience was quite useful and has actually given me the competence to compete and have an edge in my business and operations. Nothing in particular was amiss, be­cause all efforts were very well har­nessed to the maximum for my un­derstanding of the business.

The trainings were of different seg­ments and lasted for a minimum of three months. During my training, I met local and international business people and this actually broadened my scope and capability to a large extent. My job schedule can be unpre­dictable in most cases as I may need to attend to duties unplanned for many times. I spend my leave with family and friends, or as the case may be, within or outside the country de­pending on time and money.

Most times, I go to the UK, Ghana, Calabar and lodge in classy hotels. I am not only happy doing this my job but I am also fulfilled.

It’s something money cannot buy! My job gives me great joy which ac­tually makes me to be focused, en­thusiastic and of course hardworking to ensure quality delivery at the end of it all. I love all aspects of the job,­because it has to do with consistent planning ,organization, coordination and executing effectively. I dislike it when clients don’t pay on time, especially when I have used up my personal money to execute such jobs and to worsen such cases, such cli­ents may refuse to get back to me, or call me even at all. That can be very worrisome. Challenges will always crop up in business, but at present in my event business (Sholskoncept Event Programmers) apart from the financial part, unprofessional event planners are on the prowl which has made it difficult for clients to know the difference.

At the end of it all, the shaft will al­ways be removed from the wheat I believe. In my business training acad­emy (Business Innovation Academy), my challenges have always been get­ting to pay much money to the media in order to create more awareness on our training for people to attend, and also sponsorship issues.

I will still find another way to do this same job anytime if I have to. Re­ally, this is what I am made to do! I do love my job! Quitting this job can’t cross my mind at all.

Even if I have to for one reason or the other, I will still find my way doing something almost like it eventually. I’m so into it! Getting embarrassed by clients can not be over emphasized.

Sometimes, clients do take us for granted, because we are at their ser­vice.

The most embarrassing moment I’ll never forget was when I delivered late on a cake job to an insurance company.

The cake was rejected, and I was not paid. I wasn’t also allowed to drop the cake as gift to test my capability even at my own expense.

That was a huge lesson for me. An­other one was at an event in Lekki during a seminar organized by a cli­ent.

My ushers were accused of not per­forming their duties properly which wasn’t so.

The lapses were actually due to the organizer’s failure to give us adequate information we needed to perform. I treat issues like this calmly, politely, and amicably. I can do any type of job as long as it is not dehumanizing mor­ally, sexually and physically. My chil­dren can actually take up my kind of job if they so wish.

In fact, my eldest daughter has joined my ushers, and has been help­ing me to run the organizing segment of my business training at the Busi­ness Innovation Academy Training. If I come to this world ten times over, this job will always be my first choice, most definitely!

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