How To Make Money From Rabbit Farming

Rabbit Farming

Lagos – Commercial rabbit farming is one of the most popular and lucrative aspects of livestock production because it is very simple to operate, low in start-up capital but high in return on investment. Domestic rabbit farming, unlike other livestock farming such as poultry and piggery, is environment-friendly, occupies less space while the food is cheap.

The male rabbit is called a buck and the female is doe while the baby rabbit is called kitten or kit.

Rabbit can be reared for a number of reasons. It can be reared for meat, laboratory research, show and fancy or as pets.


Rabbit is mainly produced for meat. Its meat is very tasty and nutritious. It contains high levels of protein, calcium, vitamin and energy, and very little amounts of cholesterol and fat thus making it the toast of people of all age brackets, especially old people.

Laboratory Research 

Apart from dietary needs, rabbits are used for experiments in laboratories of biological sciences of almost all the higher institutions in the country. This is because rabbits are used in various types of biological and medical experiments because its physiology is like that of man. So they are very useful in the study of physiology, disease, nutrition and other aspects of life.

Pets And Fancy Animals 

Rabbits are also reared for pleasure as pets and fancy animals especially by the young because of the aesthetic value of their fur, which can also be used for garments manufacture. All these account for the high demand for rabbits.


Rabbit farming can be an innovative way of creating employment for oneself or for others. If you are unemployed, under-employed or you need a business that can give you extra income with less stress, you should try rabbit farming.

If you apply yourself to it diligently, the proceeds can sustain you, your family, and other farm hands. Rearing of rabbit requires small space and can be done anywhere somebody is living.


Rabbit feeds on grass, potato leaves, cassava peels and kitchen wastes. However, you need to maintain a high level of hygiene in all that they eat. This is important because dirt kills rabbits easily. You must wash the grass, leaves or whatever food you want to give the rabbits, to remove dust and pests such as ants and gnats.


It is expected that before one ventures into rabbit production, one must find where to sell them. One should find a way of creating awareness through advertising. The rabbit farmer can print flyers and distribute to universities and research institutes or even secondary schools that use them for experiments. The farmer can also advertise in churches, neighbourhoods, farms and corporate bodies.


Rabbits are of different breeds. There are highly productive breeds such as Dutch, New Zealand White or Black, Fox and Belgium White. Your choice may be dependent on the type prevalent in your area.


There is the cage and wire system of housing rabbits. Since the rabbits live in groups, they require a comfortable home. The cage ought to be roomy for them to have enough space to play or stretch themselves. They should have some rooms where they can run to hide.

They do not like noise or exposure and are easily agitated. In such situations, they would look for a place to hide. They also need a separate room for sleeping.

You can use materials such as wood or wire mesh to construct rabbit cage. The wire mesh is necessary so that the rabbit can see through whilel the wood would protect them from harsh weather such as rain, wind, cold and hot sun.

The cage should have two more rooms where they run to for privacy or safety.  Make sure that the floor has a urine outlet at the base floor. Provide food, water bowls, and train them for their use.

The cage should be tall enough to enable it to stay upright on its hind legs. The cage should also have solid floor preferably made of wood. When using wire cage ensure that you have built-in box where it can run to for safety for sleep. Wire cage should be only for temporary accommodation.

The cage should be located in a quiet place because rabbits do not like noise. It is easily agitated. Line the cage with bedding to cushion and protect their legs from sores.  You can use sawdust, straw or hay to achieve that.


Ensure that the rabbit cage is strong enough to protect them from predators such as dogs, cats, snakes and hawks. Guard the cage against pilferers by locking always. Children like rabbits a lot and some are wont to steal them at the slightest opportunity.

You must also protect them from parasites that infect rabbits such as tapeworms, fleas, mites and soldier ants.   Ensure that you spray engine oil, kerosene or insect killer around the cage especially at night.


Rabbit grows very fast and multiplies quickly. The female gives birth to two to eight kittens at time. They usually consume very low quality of food and turn them into high quality meat. All these make the return on investment high. If you do your homework well you could produce for several universities and schools laboratories in the country. That will surely create fabulous wealth for you.

Rabbit rearing is fun and at the same time, creates an invaluable opportunity to earn extra income. Try it, it may be the opportunity that will give you financial breakthrough. You will succeed!

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