How Business Owners Can Use Social Media To Get More Sales & Profits

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Social media marketing is one of the biggest shifts in advertising so much its importance can no longer be questioned. There has been an explosion in online usage over the last 15 years, for instance, in the year 2000 about 361 million people were online worldwide but in 2014, there were over three billion online and that was a growth rate of 764 percent. Today, nearly half the world is online and more than 90 percent of them have social media accounts.

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Reports show that as at 2016, over 97.21 million Nigerians were online with over 15 million active social media users out of which approximately 11 million of these Nigerians are using social media from their mobile devices.

This explosion in the social media space has given rise to endless opportunities any small business can embrace. It is no longer news to see even big business advertising on social media platforms like facebook, twitter, Instagram and others. The good news is that anybody can benefit from this very huge digital media space:

According to Mr Said Olanrewaju, the lead consultant at Webkraft Academy, if small business owners and entrepreneurs can harness the power of social media and learn the right skills and strategies they need to implement, the revenue they will generate and profits they will make will be more than 120 percent returns on the amount invested in their marketing campaign. He added that there is so much to be explored in that space enough to go round for every business owner in Nigeria.

He stated that from insights and statistics that if 10 percent of 300,000 people buy your product or service at a profit of just N1,000 you can generate several millions of naira. Where else can you find such a large amount of people together at the same time – The answer of course is “social media.”

In an interview with participants of a social media marketing training organised by Webkraft Academy, Mr Adedayo, who is into manufacturing of beads, said that course enlightened participants on how to drive revenue through Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, SM optimization and more. He added that has been able to increase his sales after the training.

Speaking on some of the modules covered at the social media training, Olarenwaju said that they include advertising and campaigns, automation, tools and advanced social media marketing, among several others

The lead consultant at Webkraft Academy stated that the next training and empowerment session of the academy will take place on 22 July at academy’s training facility situated at Lekki Phase 1, Lagos. He said that space are limited and encouraged business owners and entrepreneur to take advantage of the classes to acquire the skills they needed to grow their businesses online through the effective use of the online (social) media.

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