FG urged to embrace power-saving tech


By Oye Ogunwale

In view of the epileptic power supply in the country, the Federal Government has been adviced to urgently tackle the lingering electricity problem by embracing electricity saving method, termed ‘Power Saving-Up Economy’, as policy.

Giving the advice in Lagos at a recent media parley, an industrialist and apostle of renewable energy, Prince Adekola Okedele, said this new method is necessary to manage the existing energy on our grid in order not to disappoint Nigerians clamouring for change.

According to Okedele, power saving will reduce the pressure on generation and the burden of investment on more generating plants, the construction of which may take almost half of this administration’s period to complete.

He added: “For instance, if N1 trillion should be needed for generation of additional power, power saving method will effectively manage available electricity and cut such cost down to N320 million, while the country will save about N680 million in the process. This saving can be invested into developing renewable energy.

Okedele, who is the chief executive officer of Prince AdeS Oke International Ventures, said he was ready to assist the government to achieve this laudable feat by inviting technologists from Russia, China, South Korea, United States of America, Singapore and India to Nigeria.

Okedele pointed out that to achieve a substantial success in this direction aimed at recording decrease in consumption, there is need to create an influential state structure for policy realisation in power efficiency, while monitoring activities of the private investors in the power sphere.

This, he explained, would accelerate the process of making power saving methods official and cultural in the country.

“According to our findings, the use of power saving technologies can be very profitable. We found out that about 19 per cent of all electric power consumed in the world is illumination. At the same time, we realised that 85 per cent of systems of illumination used in today’s world is inefficient, which allows for over-expenditure. But if this modern energy (power) saving method is embraced, it is possible to save as much as 40 per cent power, which will translate into huge financial savings for Nigeria. Policy and incentive that will encourage renewable energy actualisation in Nigeria should be on the way.”

Okedele noted that apart from the huge financial benefits, modern/energy saving method abates negative influence on ecology.

“It is important for the Nigerian government to map out a strategy towards providing incentives such as 0% Custom duty on renewable energy components/products, catalyze researchers and easy access to loan to accelerate renewable energy actualization in Nigeria”, he added.

Prince Okedele advised President Buhari not to make mistake of announcing any date during which he will fulfill his promise of uninterrupted electricity to Nigeria until his government carries out enough orientation on public to be able to submit their energy demand, cumulative of which will assist the FG know the total energy demand of the nation for proper planning towards achievement and not to plan on assumption. He advise Nigeria to send delegates for participation at Korea ENTECH 2015 ‘Environment & Energy Trade show, slated to hold Sep 2, – Sept 4, 2015, in BEXCO, South Korea, a platform to connect Nigeria with international professionals for interaction and corporate affiliation will catalyze a rapid revolution in Nigeria ‘s energy sector and proffer idea on how we can combat the nuisance constituted by environmental pollution, as  government delegates and other development stakeholders will acquire the latest trend in renewable energy technology, water treatment, waste management and anti-air pollution and have the opportunity to exhibited/sell Nigeria’s economic potentials including our rich cultural heritage to the world.

Source : SunOnline

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