Dr. Sam Nwosu : Income levels still below $1 per day –Nokia Director

sam nwosu


The Country Director, Nokia Networks Nigeria, Dr. Sam Nwosu, has given reasons for the slow migration to 4G by telecommunication operators, stressing that low income levels of consumers have really made investment in such platform very difficult. According to him, most people are living below a dollar per day.
Nwosu also noted that the game changer was the shift from analog to digital technology. He said that with GSM or 2G deployment, which was mainly for voice communication, there were some “narrow band” data elements through the General Packet Radio Service (GPRS), and later, Enhanced Data for GSM Evolution (EDGE).
He maintained that the exponential growth of data technology in the Nigerian telecommunications market is largely voice-centric, adding that there was an urgent need to develop technology solutions that will drive the new trend in data communication.


Source : SunOnline

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