Company says efforts to localise technology in Nigeria yielding results

Kevin Li, the public relations manager of Huawei Technologies, said on Sunday that the effort of Huawei to encourage localisation of technology in Nigeria was beginning to pay off.

Disclosing this to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja, Li said that the policy which Huawei had been implementing alongside business partners had been a success.

He said localisation was one important strategy of Huawei which it was glad to execute through more cooperation with Nigerian business partners.

He also said that the company was involved in continuous local recruitment.

He said technology transfer was another Huawei’s core strategy which compelled its Nigerian workers to share the same platform with their counterparts in 170 countries to work, learn and improve themselves.

“Localisation of technology has been an integral part of Huawei’s policy in Nigeria hence excellent staff members had been chosen to participate in various training programmes in Huawei headquarters in China.”

According to Li, Huawei also undertakes the training of personnel other than its own as it considers such contribution to be vital to the country’s overall development.

“We have introduced information and communication scholarship in Africa University of Science and Technology in Abuja besides the Huawei Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) scholarship in University of Lagos.”

Source : BusinessDay

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