THN finds container suitable alternative to cement in housing devt

…As FG needs $49trn to bridge accommodation gap

  Tempohousing Nigeria has said that owing to the increasing price of cement, a major material in property development, Nigerians can avail themselves of the opportunity to use containers to make affordable accommodations that are devoid of cement.Dele Ijaiya-Oladipo, Managing Partner, THN, a subsidiary of a leading Netherlands-based project developer that specialises in the manufacture and design of flexible and affordable homes using standard shipping containers, said that a new method of owning houses without stress is the use of containers to build houses.

According to him, Tempohousing has been directly involved in the development of major projects around the world, including a four-storey, 168-room luxury hotel in Yenagoa, Nigeria.

He said that by partnering with Tempohousing global to create THN, ANA has strategically positioned itself as a leader in what is expected to be a growing market. “As the sole Nigerian brand holders, THN would have access to the technology and expertise of our global parent and we expect to leverage this to perform projects quickly and cost effectively.

“It is clear that the Nigerian housing market currently lacks the capacity to provide a sufficient number of affordable living and working space to meet existing demand. In fact, the housing deficit in Nigeria is estimated at 14 million units and bridging this gap will cost an estimated N49 trillion ($326 billion); this assumes the cost of N3.5 million per unit. By leveraging our technology, Tempohousing would be able to meet this demand quickly.

“Similar projects using this technology have successfully been built in time ranging from two weeks to three months. By entering the market when we plan to, THN would be meeting this unfulfilled demand head on and would be providing a much-needed solution without adhering to the time outlay that is standard with projects of this magnitude.

“Construction projects are typically expensive as a result of the high cost of building materials but the use of the Tempohousing technology provides a cost effective way of curtailing this cost excessiveness associated with standard building materials,” he said.

Ijaiya-Oladipo said that THN could build housing units that are low in maintenance but versatile, durable and indestructible, noting that it builds at least 30 per cent of the cost of concrete and speed of 2 -3x that of conventional build.

Also speaking, David A. Aderounmu, a managing partner at Tempohousing Global Limited, said Nigerians would enjoy services provided by the company even here in Nigeria.

Tempohousing Global Limited is a leading Netherlands-based project developer that specialises in the manufacture and design of flexible and affordable homes using standard ISO shipping containers.

He said Tempohousing is widely recognised to have developed a unique construction system that allows for the quick construction and easy transportation of container homes to any country. The company specialises in three types of buildings – buildings for residential use, buildings for the hospitality industry and offices.

Source : SunOnline

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