Enhancing your earning power through effective stress management

By Samu Akaeze


Easing and preventing stress

The following are very effective in easing or preventing stress: Listening to musk that you enjoy Watching television prognaimnies e.g. comedies Sexual iiiteicoutse with a love ii Nattiiei Take a day-off from your job or take a vacation Avoid hassles and strains in life

6. Do not repress or deny your emotions; express your emotions fully e.g. crying.

7. Consciously create a stress-free environment for yourself always. 8. Do not take life too seriously, take life easy. 7. HVUId Unreal targets%deadllTies

10. Plan and schedule your time daily. Learn to say NO to most activities

that have not been i,riCl,LldeC) in your plan/SClied~Ile for the day.

11. Learn to handle assignments that you MUST do personally and delegate the rest.

12. Have adequate rest and sleep daily

13. Balance your aspirations with your attributes

14.Take some natural nerve relaxing foods/drinks e.g. zobo drink without

sugar, raw fruits/vegetables juices, honey or milk in wane water, etc. 1 ~.1vlcullauoii kuaviiig silent liiuirieiiis, to be iii touch with ilie centre of your being).

16. Take afternoon nap’s

17. Do yoga exercises

18. Do physical exercises

19. Read any book you enjoy

20.Take professional relaxation massage

21. Take a wane bath

22.Quietly watch and observe nature closely e.g. water at the beach or at wafer falls, green flower and tree) in gai-deiis/forests, ‘listening to birds and insects in the bush, watching very young children at play.



l.. Nigeria, especially in the urban centres. almost cnelf, one is sufferImu from different levels of stress. This situation must be an-ested, and in good time and measure too.

You can test your stress level at any time, using appropriate scientific technologies. And, as indicated above, stress is very curable in natural iitedlciiie. Every adult living iii ivigel iaii today is advised to consult iris natural medicine doctor or contact this Lecturer, for the testing or treatment of his stress with hi-tech technologies, to avoid suffering from any of the stress symptoms or stress-related diseases highlighted above.



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