Dufil Prima, Acorn Petroleum approved for Trading on NASD OTC

NASD OTC has opened up its market to trade the Ordinary shares of Dufil Prima Foods plc and Acorn Petroleum plc.

Dufil Prima Foods plc is the owner of the Indomie Noodles brand and possibly holds over 50 percent of the noodle segment.

The company has 6,753,333,334 shares and will open to trade at ₦9.00.  The shares of Dufil Petroleum plc were introduced by Anchoria Investment & Securities Limited.

Acorn Petroleum plc is an oil and gas company that trades refined petroleum products in and out of Nigeria.  The company has 2,000,000,000 shares and will open to trade at ₦2.80.  The shares of Acorn Petroleum plc were introduced by Meristem Securities Limited.

By this introduction, shareholders of either company can now trade their holdings on an open, transparent market and can discover market price for their shares.  Shareholders in either of these companies can now dematerialise their physical certificates and trade through the NASD OTC platform 19 different securities have now therefore been opened up to trade on the OTC market.

Source : BusinessDay

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